Thursday, 7 January 2010

My training so far.......

My main focus is on the end of May for my first 100 mile run. I have a couple of 50 mile runs lined up before then, and a handful of 30 to 40 mile runs as well. My first 50 miler in October went really well with a time of 10 hours and 13 minutes and fresh legs at the end.

I have found a balance in my running that is accepted by my body and my family. I try to fit in as many 10 mile runs during the weekdays with a 5am start (making sure that I have at least 1 day rest between for recovery) and will run a marathon distance on the weekends. These long runs are slowly increasing into the 30’s as I get closer to May. I have found that the Long Distance Walking Association (LDWA) organised runs are great for my weekend runs as they are affordable and have such a great atmosphere, which provides lots of motivation.

I am not a fast runner and even though I run marathon distances nearly every week, I still find that they don’t get any easier. I don’t feel it in my legs anymore and feel that I could complete another the next day. What I do find is that I feel a bit (or a lot) ill at the end of a long run. My biggest downfall is my nutrition and this will be the main focus leading up to my 100.

My last long run was the 9th Stansted Stagger, but navigation errors have left me with a bad taste in my mouth so I will start afresh with run reports.

This blog is mainly for myself, to remember all the great running adventures I take on but I also hope that if anyone was to stumble upon it, it could provide some motivation to others.